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Behind the Curtains: Ominous Objects: The Cursed Guards

Four years ago, Ominous Objects emerged from Daily Magic Productions’ studio as a blockbuster. Since then, the game has set a high bar for the fantasy-adventure genre at Big Fish Games. Leia and her furry companion, Mr. Jenkins, have traveled all over Europe saving the world from
supernatural antiquities, but no adventure will be as dangerous as her next one.
Ominous Objects: The Cursed Guards will pit Leia against four cursed armors – akin to the four horsemen of the apocalypse – and if she fails… the world will turn to dust and ash!
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Behind the Curtains. Dark Dimensions: Vengeful Beauty

Dark Dimensions has quite a history with Big Fish Games – the series has repeatedly illustrated that Daily Magic Productions is one of our most talented developers. After last year’s hit Dark Dimensions: Bladestorm, Daily Magic had the difficult task of choosing the theme for the next
entry in the popular series. After long meetings and several days of back-and-forth, the writers remembered how mechanically successful their use of tree roots was in Dark Dimensions: Homecoming. They decided to explore similar ways of utilizing plants, while also differentiating the new title from what was arguably one of the best games in the series.
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Dark Dimensions: Vengeful Beauty Collector’s Edition

Daily Magic Productions, the creators of Ominous Objects, present the newest adventure in their classic series: Dark Dimensions!
You have been attacked by some strange vines.
Can you escape alive, or will this beautiful National Park become your final resting place? Find out in this intriguing hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

New Ominous Objects released!

Release of new Daily Magic game the Ominous Objects: The Cursed Guards!
This title was selected as Big Fish Editor’s Choice for its exceptional quality and overwhelmingly positive reviews from our Game Club beta testers.

Great things we did in 2016

Well… firstly, in 2016 we’ve launched our 20th HOPA game; then, we started several mobile projects, and most of them are about to release already. Our very new VR game is in active development now. But less talking, let the facts speak!
iOs version of Yuletide Legends became the most downloadable game on BigFish and leaded TOP 100 PC on Big Fish Games rating.
Two games (Harrowed Halls: Lakeview Lane and Sable Maze: Sinister Knowlege) were nominated as best new series and best visual style on AllAboutCasualGames as well; Cursed Cases: Murder at the Maybard Estate makes the top three;
Daily Magic Production was nominated as best developer
All these things were impossible to reach without our dearest fans. We’d like to appreciate you for following us!

Royal Legacy has been soft launched!

Our fantastic F2P midcore game Royal Legacy is now available in Canada and Russia! This fantasy world needs a Hero to save the Kingdom from evil powers but more than that it needs a wise King who can restore the conquested lands.
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Download Royal Legacy now! Available on Google Play and App Store (mobile only)

Behind the Curtain — Harrowed Halls: Lakeview Lane

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with members of Daily Magic Productions’ various development teams about the sequels to their hit brands. One thing has popped up consistently throughout the interviews: Daily Magic’s desire to move their titles in a darker, more mature direction.

This idea came up when work began on a fifth series, codenamed “Secrets in the Walls.” Over the course of 12 months, this title would develop into something that Daily Magic hasn’t touched on previously, and, despite being toned down from the original concept, the dark core of the new series will remain throughout. Now named Harrowed Halls, Daily Magic’s new series will be more visually realistic, scary, and unsettling, all thanks to the efforts of a team revitalized by an exciting new style.

Read more on BigFishGames.

Yuletide Legends review: All About Casual Games

The special casual games information portal described our first Christmas adventure as an excellent holiday game! They have paid tribute to the artworks and interactives: «The visuals are extremely impressive; whimsical, bright, and glossy.
Besides, the cutscenes, the animations, and the visual effects are equally stunning. These are some of the best graphics works we have seen from Daily Magic, kudos to the art team!» You can take a look at the full review on the All About Casual Games site.

Anniversary release! Yuletide Legends: The Brothers Claus

We proudly represent our 20th HOPA game — the first of new exclusive Christmas adventure series!
You are the little Santa’s helper totally involved to Christmas pre-vanity. You have to find presents and bring them to the right plase.
It seems to be an easy job until you realise that Santa has suddenly disappeared and the evil forces started taking over the North Pole! Would you be able to save the Holidays? Figure out playing this magical Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

Harrowed Halls: Lakeview Lane. Collector’s edition

The special collector’s edition of our very first horror adventure is already released! More hauntings are waiting for you in the bonus chapter. Collect morphing items to get jigsaw pieces that reveal game scenes, earn a whole toy chest of achievements, read the exclusive developer’s diary!
Wallpapers, mini-games and the soundtrack are also available on Big Fish Games.

Ominous Objects: Trail of Time. IOS version

We are glad to present Ominous Objects: Trail of Time Collection Edition IOS version for all IOS HOPA players! Feel free to get it on Big Fish Games.
Now you can solve the mystery of Glockenverk time anomaly on iPad. Set out with your trusty
feline friend, Mr. Jenkins, to crack the case!

Time for scary tales! Harrowed Halls: Lakeview Lane

We’re glad to present a new brand for horror lovers — Harrowed Halls!
You quit your legal career and moved to a quiet neighborhood to start a new life. But moments after settling in to your dream home, you realize that things aren’t as quiet as they seem.
Shadows dart across windows, strange noises echo through the halls, and your favorite plant withers and dies in a moment. Still, a little haunting never hurt anyone… until your children are taken and held hostage by an evil entity demanding to be released! Now you are in a race against time to uncover the truth behind what really happened in your house. But are you prepared for what you might find in this chilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game?

The long-awaited Sable Maze: Sinister Knowledge

Daily Magic Productions invites you to wander down another twisted path in the latest installment of the Sable Maze series!
After years of speculation, the McCordan Library has finally been found! Rumor has it that this labyrinthine library was built to house five legendary tomes, but a series of puzzles and traps guards them. You’ve been called in to overcome these tricky obstacles and track down the tomes, but you quickly realize why he hid them in the first place… The power they contain could destroy the entire world if they fall into the wrong hands! Navigate the treacherous maze as books come alive around you in this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

Behind the Curtain – Ominous Objects: Lumina Camera

Whenever I get the chance to visit Daily Magic Productions, I’m guaranteed a fascinating look at their process and people.
The studio has a lot going on in 2016, releasing more games than ever before and ramping up for exciting future projects. This time, I sat down with the team who worked on the latest Ominous Objects game.Ominous Objects: Lumina Camera tells the tale of a supernatural villain who targets people with special talents or skills. All of the Daily Magic team members are obviously talented, but I wanted to know more. What kind of skills or powers did the team members wish they had (besides making amazing games)?Read more on BigFishGames

The newest release! Ominous Objects: Lumina Camera

Daily Magic Productions presents the newest addition to the Ominous Objects series!
The National Museum of France is about to premier a new exhibit about the Lumina Camera. What starts as a simple investigation quickly takes a dark turn when people start disappearing after having their photo taken by the camera! Can you bring them back from their mysterious picture prison before it’s too late? Find out in this riveting hidden-object puzzle adventure!

Cursed Cases: Murder at the Maybard Estate

Daily Magic Productions proudly presents a brand new story in Cursed Cases!
Emmett Maybard has been murdered in his sprawling mansion, and it looks like he’s not the only family member the killer’s after! News of your supernatural abilities has spread, and you’ve been called in to investigate the case. Can you uncover the murderer before it’s too late, or will you be next? Find out in this spine-tingling hidden object puzzle adventure!

Jelly Jamz looking for testers

Become a part of Jelly Jamz beta testing family and test new apps
Fruit lovers! Planets of fruity fun await you! Deliver sweets and fruits on your truck to all of your customers in a delicious Match 3 mode! Don’t worry though, your adorable hamster friend Mr. Puff is here to help you! However! the sour villain Karabas likes to spoil everything. Only you can fight him off and fix the effects of his evil! Beat exciting quests, harvest fruit trees, Cook delicious treats, and enjoy the unique puzzles and sights of Fruit Country!

Behind the Curtain – Dark Dimensions: Blade Master

If you’re a fan of Daily Magic Productions’ unique series, you may have noticed a recent shift in not just the tone and style, but also the storytelling.
Dark Dimensions, Daily Magic’s first game series, started with an eerie ambiance and spooky style that carried through the majority of the titles in the series. However, as Daily Magic matured and added more games to their portfolio, the itch to experiment grew stronger. As the team changed, so did the ideas of the writers. Dark Dimensions: Blade Master marks the seventh title in the series. With it, Daily Magic opted to combine a horror-movie aesthetic with an action-adventure storyline, all revolving around a mysterious phantom with an uncanny ability to throw deadly magic knives. Blade Master promises to be Daily Magic’s most action-packed game to date, featuring a fast-paced delivery and heart-pounding puzzles. But how did Daily Magic come to the story they did for Dark Dimensions: Blade Master?
Read full article on BigFish Games site.

Kitty Pop Pirates has soft launched!

Good news, mates!Our amazing bubble shooter free 2 play game “Kitty PoP Pirates”‬ is now available for Android in Indonesia and Ecuador!

Experience a pirate world full of treasures and amazing journeys with Captain Meow and his crew! Your journey begins now!

Download Kitty Pop Pirates from Google Play now!

It will be available for other countries soon, so stay tuned!

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Daily Magic at White Nights!

We took our bunch of talented crew to attend the White Nights conference last month.
It was a great experience for us filled with interesting ideas, networking
and fun. We explored what the gaming world is up to and we were happy to know that we are up to speed with the future of gaming. We had intesense group discussions and came up with great ideas for our future games. We hope to use the knowledge we gained in making the most interesting and fascinating game in future.

Developer Spotlight: Daily Magic Productions

Usually when we meet with Daily Magic Productions, we get very unique stories full of unbelievable coincidences that tie into the making of their current projects.
This time, however, they wanted us to sit down with the Ominous Objects team to learn a little about the real-live people who make the games you love. Daily Magic sincerely wants you to get to know each team member so you can feel their individual contributions while playing through the next Ominous Objects game. We asked each person about their job, their inspirations, and which Ominous Object they wish they could have! Their answers are below (along with images of some not-so-ominous objects they keep at their desks). Daily Magic hopes you will enjoy this insight, and that you will remember each team member fondly as you play Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection.
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Behind the Curtain: Sable Maze – Forbidden Garden

Daily Magic Productions, creators of the Dark Dimensions series, is constantly striving to prove that they’re not a one trick pony. The studio’s other franchise, Sable Maze, is back for its third outing, and this time,
the game has taken a decidedly fantastic turn. But how did Daily Magic arrive at such an idea? I sat down with them to get the whole story! As work on Sable Maze: Norwich Caves was winding up, Daily Magic was trying to find their next game idea. One of the artists brought in a poster of a classic Alphonse Mucha for inspiration. That same week, several team members started to notice items had gone missing from around the office. They were all small, inconsequential trinkets, supplies, or junk… but the sheer number of missing items started to bewilder employees. Even more alarming was that their entire stock of office cookies mysteriously dwindled within two days! Several of the artists also began to find small piles of a strange sparkling dust lying around desks and windows. It wasn’t long before a new friend, and the inspiration behind Sable Maze 3, made herself known.
Read full article on BigFish Games site.