Unity Programmer




Job Information


Qualifications and skills:

  • Experience as a Systems or Engine Developer for multiple C# or C++ games
  • Extensive optimization experience (CPU / GPU frame time, memory, load time, etc.) required
  • Strong understanding of consumer expectations for high production value casual games
  • 5+ years of professional programming experience
  • Extensive C# and C++ experience
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Excellent problem solving abilities including approaching them from different angles to find the best solution
  • Good verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Positive attitude and passion for collaborating with a team to make high quality games

Desirable Skills

  • Experience of Windows Store apps and WinRT
  • Experience of XAML optimization
  • Experience with .NET 4.5 Asynchronous Programming
  • Familiarity with Unity game engine
  • Experience collaborating with external partners
  • 10+ years of professional programming experience
  • Mobile game development experience
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